Allan Sinclair


Allan Sinclair’s hard wood carvings are of semi-abstracted nudes and figures. Imperfections and grain patterns within the wood form an integral part of the sculptures which are equally influenced by the wood and the human figure.

Tansy Lee Moir

crichton torso beech 2

Crichton torso beech 2, charcoal on paper

Tansy Lee Moir is an Edinburgh based figurative artist working predominantly with charcoal on paper.

Originally from Matlock in Derbyshire, she moved to Scotland in 1994 and spent 15 years developing a practice combining art with a community development approach.   She then took a studio at Edinburgh’s Art’s Complex and returned to drawing, focusing on creating a body of work made in response to trees.

Her work is inspired by their forms, their history and the influence that humans, animals and natural processes have in shaping them:  in the way they provide a solid representation of time.  It explores their three dimensional forms, investigating their capacity to regenerate, survive and adapt.  However, the drawings have been referred to as ‘life drawing from trees’ and she is often unintentionally influenced by the human body, leading the viewer to wonder if they are looking at wood or flesh.

See more on her website and facebook page.

Pippa Carter

pippa c image

Pippa Carter was given a sheep skull to draw by her schoolteacher when she was five years old. It was an unlikely love at first sight experience, and began a lifelong fascination for observing and capturing the natural world. Her work investigates the relationship between light, form, and the nature of seeing.


woodnudetreelimb poster


Four perspectives on natural form

Featuring work from artists Pippa Carter, Tansy Lee Moir, Allan Sinclair and Pippa Sinclair.

Together they are showcasing an exciting combination of paintings, drawings and sculptures around the theme of figure and tree.

Opens Saturday 13th July to 21st July 2013

Gallery open 10am – 6pm

Preview 6.30 – 9.30pm Friday 12th July

at Gallery 2, Art’s Complex

St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road

Edinburgh EH7 6AE

For more details contact